jj levy proffesional sex therapist

I’m JJ Levy, MA, MSW, ST, a therapist in Fort Collins, Colorado. I enjoy helping people live better—more comfortably in their bodies, their individual lives, and their relationships with others.

I’m a general therapist with a sub-speciality in sex therapy. I have been in practice for 30 years, and I am the only Certified Diplomate of Sex Therapy in Northern Colorado. I also specialize in eating disorder treatment and group therapy.

My clients appreciate my warmth and good humor, which help balance the serious work we do together. In an atmosphere of respect, humor can serve to lighten the emotional load.

The way to know if I’m the right therapist for you is to schedule an appointment. I’m always happy to speak with prospective clients by phone. Such a conversation may help you decide if you want to schedule an appointment.


Sex Therapy

This is the proverbial chicken/egg issue: Which comes first, the sexual or the relationship problems? Sexual problems occur within the context of one’s broader life. Therefore, I work with clients to address all the relevant variables in their sexual distress. With this comprehensive approach you can find a way back to connection, pleasure and keeping the spark alive.


Therapy for Compulsive Overeating

Compulsive overeating is caused by anxiety. My task is to help you pinpoint its root. Together we will identify the core anxieties causing your overeating. Then you will be able to successfully manage anxiety without overeating. Really!


Group Therapy

I am in awe of the benefits women get from group therapy. In group women give and receive support, unlike the many environments where they feel they are giving to the point of exhaustion. Participants look forward to getting help in navigating life’s challenges with assistance from those who can identify with their struggles.

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